viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

No Country for Zombies (short film) NOW ON VIMEO

NO COUNTRY FOR ZOMBIES. Short film about four flat mates. Albert has just broke up with his girlfriend and has been depressed for a few days, to the point of getting drunk and fighting her girl's new boyfriend in a pub. A drink that was intended to make him recover turns out to transform him into a zombie. His friends will believe he is still depressed and won't hesitate to do anything possible to make him feel fine again. But things will complicate...

Short film directed, produced, edited and written by Andoni Garrido Fernández
Artistic direction: Raquel Arilla
Main actors: Daniel Pérez Álava, Álvar Carretero, Álex G. Garaizar, Juan Postigo, Beatriz González, Raquel Arilla and Antonio López.

Cortometraje rodado en fcom (facultad de comunicación de la universidad de navarra), en enero/febrero de 2011

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